16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Elephant Charge 2012 - Jessie Mine

$82,347 was raised for 10 conservation organisations by 22 teams including $24,690 raised by Autoworld and $16,590 raised by Chicken Run. The shortest net distance was 20.05km by Autoworld.

14 teams completed the course with The Camel finishing in the shortest distance of 29.30km. The shortest possible straight line distance for completing the course was 20.47 km.

Country Choice Trophy
Shortest Net Distance
Sausage Tree Trophy
Highest Sponsorship Raised
Castle Fleming Trophy
Shortest Overall Distance
Mark Terken Trophy
Shortest Gauntlet Distance
Sanctuary Trophy
Shortest Distance on Tsetse Line 1
Khal Amazi Trophy
Shortest Distance on Tsetse Line 2
Silky Cup
Shortest Distance by a Ladies Team
Dean Cup
Shortest Distance by a Bike Team
Shortest Net Distance by a Bike Team

Shortest Distance by a New Entry
Rhino Charge Trophy
Spirit of the Charge

Carnivores - A first time entrant the Carnivores fought to get their car ready. On the way to site they blew the transfer box. With the help of the often mentioned Autoworld who sent parts from town, they finally arrived at midnight but made it to convoys for the start. They battled valiantly through the day with a jury rigged fuel system but were finally defeated by the car after 9 checkpoints. Special mention to Kalamazi who having burned out one battery on their 24V car managed to pull start the car with a rope wrapped around the rear tyre.

The $82,347 raised by the teams for the Elephant Charge 2012 supports conservation in Zambia through grants to the following organisations and projects: