16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Project Luangwa
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Works in the Luangwa Valley

Project Luangwa Logo Project Luangwa ensures the people of the Luangwa Valley gain the full benefit of tourism by investing in education.

Project Luangwa has used funds provided by the Elephant Charge to support Kids in the Wild , a 5 day conservation education program for 24 kids hosted by a lodge in South Luangwa

Project Luangwa has been provided 5 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $27,851.

  • $4,831 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2023 - Support salary of Eco Stove project 'developmental advisor' to assist with doubling the annual output of building eco stoves and planting trees.
  • $8,387 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2022 - Support eco stove project through purchase of motorbike, uniforms etc. Over 3000 stoves have been built in the community.
  • $5,589 - Elephant Charge 2013 - School children stay at lodge for conservation leadship and education
  • $4,866 - Elephant Charge 2012 - School children stay at lodge for conservation leadership and education
  • $4,178 - Elephant Charge 2011 - Selected school children experience 5 days in a lodge in the South Luangwa