16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
The Carnivores in the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2017
Entered their 6th charge in a red 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero and completed all 12 checkpoints in a competition distance of 39.86km raising $11,000 for conservation in Zambia.
  • Country Choice Trophy - 1st place for the shortest net distance
  • 3rd place for most money raised for conservation
  • 5th place for the shortest overall distance
  • 12th place for the shortest distance on the gauntlet
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6th of 17 2.92km in 49 minutes
Leg no: 1
1.28 times the leg distance of 2.29km
at an average 3.6kmh
over 49 minutes
1,024m minimum elevation
1,294m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 2.70km
2nd Sausage Tree 2.74km
3rd Swamp Donkeys 2.76km
4th Khal Amazi 2.83km
5th Mudhogs 2.86km
6th Carnivores 2.92km
1st of 15 3.54km in 53 minutes
Leg no: 2
1.23 times the leg distance of 2.87km
at an average 4.0kmh
over 53 minutes
1,248m minimum elevation
1,319m maximum elevation
1st Carnivores 3.54km
2nd The Crazy Penguins 3.62km
3rd Almost There 3.66km
4th Camel 3.69km
5th Swamp Donkeys 3.70km
6th Pilatus 3.74km
4th of 16 2.64km in 34 minutes
Leg no: 3
1.56 times the leg distance of 1.69km
at an average 4.7kmh
over 34 minutes
1,147m minimum elevation
1,317m maximum elevation
1st Sausage Tree 2.46km
2nd Mudhogs 2.52km
3rd Camel 2.58km
4th Carnivores 2.64km
5th Pilatus 2.68km
6th Chisamba Powersports 3.01km
6th of 7 4.81km in 1 hour 37 minutes
Leg no: 4
2.57 times the leg distance of 1.87km
at an average 3.0kmh
over 1 hour 37 minutes
1,107m minimum elevation
1,178m maximum elevation
1st Mudhogs 2.38km
2nd Sausage Tree 2.54km
3rd Khal Amazi 2.70km
4th Bushtracks 2.77km
5th Almost There 2.90km
6th Carnivores 4.81km
14th of 17 3.84km in 59 minutes
Leg no: 5
2.54 times the leg distance of 1.51km
at an average 3.9kmh
over 59 minutes
1,106m minimum elevation
1,177m maximum elevation
1st Camel 1.41km
2nd Autoworld 1.81km
3rd Mudhogs 1.81km
4th Sausage Tree 1.84km
5th Khal Amazi 2.12km
6th Hard Okra 2.19km
1st of 1 7.91km in 1 hour 5 minutes
Leg no: 6
2.61 times the leg distance of 3.03km
at an average 7.4kmh
over 1 hour 5 minutes
1,107m minimum elevation
1,253m maximum elevation
1st Carnivores 7.91km
2nd of 15 2.09km in 23 minutes
Leg no: 7
1.06 times the leg distance of 1.98km
at an average 5.6kmh
over 23 minutes
1,081m minimum elevation
1,200m maximum elevation
1st Celtic Just Beer 2.08km
2nd Carnivores 2.09km
3rd Khal Amazi 2.12km
4th Camel 2.13km
5th Autoworld 2.13km
6th Mudhogs 2.14km
2nd of 7 2.85km in 30 minutes
Leg no: 8
1.54 times the leg distance of 1.85km
at an average 5.7kmh
over 30 minutes
1,045m minimum elevation
1,168m maximum elevation
1st Pilatus 2.51km
2nd Carnivores 2.85km
3rd Hard Okra 3.46km
4th CFAO Dung Beatles 3.48km
5th Centenary 100 3.52km
6th The Bushpigs 3.52km
8th of 18 790m in 8 minutes
Leg no: 9
1.56 times the leg distance of 508m
at an average 5.7kmh
over 8 minutes
1,044m minimum elevation
1,073m maximum elevation
1st Chisamba Powersports 541m
2nd Autoworld 579m
3rd Mudhogs 579m
4th Khal Amazi 597m
5th Sausage Tree 625m
6th Camel 667m
13th of 18 1.33km in 9 minutes
Leg no: 10
13.85 times the leg distance of 96m
at an average 8.6kmh
over 9 minutes
1,047m minimum elevation
1,133m maximum elevation
1st Chisamba Powersports 95m
2nd Autoworld 105m
3rd Sausage Tree 105m
4th Mudhogs 107m
5th Pilatus 145m
6th Camel 155m
4th of 16 2.91km in 38 minutes
Leg no: 11
1.36 times the leg distance of 2.14km
at an average 4.6kmh
over 38 minutes
1,026m minimum elevation
1,191m maximum elevation
1st Chisamba Powersports 2.37km
2nd Mudhogs 2.65km
3rd Autoworld 2.86km
4th Carnivores 2.91km
5th Camel 3.15km
6th Pilatus 3.54km