16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
The Elephants in the Elephant Charge 2011
Entered their 1st charge in a orange 1980 Mercedes GWagon and completed all 11 checkpoints in a competition distance of 25.55km raising $1,118 for conservation in Zambia.
  • 1st place for the shortest distance by a new team
  • 4th place for the shortest net distance
  • 4th place for the shortest overall distance
  • 10th place for the shortest distance on the gauntlet
  • 14th place for most money raised for conservation
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5th of 9 3.82km in 20 minutes
Leg no: 1
1.58 times the leg distance of 2.42km
at an average 11.7kmh
over 20 minutes
617m minimum elevation
813m maximum elevation
1st SLCS Snarebusters 3.58km
2nd Big Kahunas 3.66km
3rd Camel 3.81km
4th Khal Amazi 3.81km
5th The Elephants 3.82km
6th Buya Bamba 3.88km
14th of 16 2.00km in 22 minutes
Leg no: 2
1.26 times the leg distance of 1.59km
at an average 5.4kmh
over 22 minutes
685m minimum elevation
812m maximum elevation
1st The Cruisers 1.84km
2nd Biking Baboons 1.85km
3rd Buya Bamba 1.85km
4th Big Kahunas 1.87km
5th Autoworld 1.87km
6th SLCS Snarebusters 1.88km
2nd of 6 2.11km in 1 hour 12 minutes
Leg no: 3
1.48 times the leg distance of 1.43km
at an average 1.7kmh
over 1 hour 12 minutes
603m minimum elevation
706m maximum elevation
1st Khal Amazi 1.70km
2nd The Elephants 2.11km
3rd Almost There 2.41km
4th Big Kahunas 2.47km
5th Buya Bamba 2.63km
6th The Cruisers 3.66km
2nd of 13 3.36km in 50 minutes
Leg no: 4
1.55 times the leg distance of 2.17km
at an average 4.1kmh
over 50 minutes
575m minimum elevation
618m maximum elevation
1st Camel 3.01km
2nd The Elephants 3.36km
3rd Buya Bamba 3.59km
4th Chicken Run 4.32km
5th Girls Must Be Crazy 4.85km
6th Big Kahunas 4.86km
5th of 17 3.83km in 54 minutes
Leg no: 5
1.32 times the leg distance of 2.91km
at an average 4.3kmh
over 54 minutes
560m minimum elevation
587m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 3.18km
2nd Mellow Yellow 3.26km
3rd Mudhogs 3.61km
4th The Cruisers 3.72km
5th The Elephants 3.83km
6th Duchesses of Hazard 3.98km
3rd of 10 4.94km in 1 hour 25 minutes
Leg no: 6
1.50 times the leg distance of 3.30km
at an average 3.5kmh
over 1 hour 25 minutes
564m minimum elevation
642m maximum elevation
1st The Cruisers 4.19km
2nd Buya Bamba 4.80km
3rd The Elephants 4.94km
4th Chicken Run 5.56km
5th SLCS Snarebusters 5.57km
6th Big Kahunas 5.78km
6th of 8 2.48km in 24 minutes
Leg no: 7
1.42 times the leg distance of 1.74km
at an average 6.3kmh
over 24 minutes
610m minimum elevation
635m maximum elevation
1st Big Kahunas 1.69km
2nd Chicken Run 1.79km
3rd Green Mambas 1.81km
4th Camel 2.07km
5th Portico 2.33km
6th The Elephants 2.48km
4th of 19 84m in 12 minutes
Leg no: 8
1.09 times the leg distance of 77m
at an average 0.4kmh
over 12 minutes
616m minimum elevation
617m maximum elevation
1st Sausage Tree 61m
2nd Big Kahunas 68m
3rd Mellow Yellow 81m
4th The Elephants 84m
5th Khal Amazi 92m
6th The Cruisers 96m
8th of 8 416m in 60 minutes
Leg no: 9
1.64 times the leg distance of 254m
at an average 0.4kmh
over 60 minutes
617m minimum elevation
624m maximum elevation
1st Camel 266m
2nd Big Kahunas 316m
3rd Biking Baboons 340m
4th Chicken Run 366m
5th New Kasama Five Oh 370m
6th Portico 378m
7th of 16 1.50km in 33 minutes
Leg no: 10
1.15 times the leg distance of 1.30km
at an average 2.7kmh
over 33 minutes
610m minimum elevation
633m maximum elevation
1st Mellow Yellow 1.34km
2nd Khal Amazi 1.41km
3rd Sausage Tree 1.43km
4th Green Mambas 1.43km
5th Buya Bamba 1.46km
6th Mudhogs 1.48km