16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
The Bombshells  entered as The Bomber in the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2018
Entered their 1st charge in a black 1995 Nissan Patrol and completed 3 checkpoints in a competition distance of 8.02km raising $2,486 for conservation in Zambia.
  • 8th place for the shortest distance by a new team
  • 18th place for most money raised for conservation
  • 26th place for the shortest distance on the gauntlet
  • 27th place for the shortest net distance
  • 27th place for the shortest overall distance
Click on a leg below for the details
8th of 20 3.06km in 1 hour 44 minutes
Leg no: 1
1.88 times the leg distance of 1.63km
at an average 1.8kmh
over 1 hour 44 minutes
979m minimum elevation
1,068m maximum elevation
1st Camel 2.41km
2nd FQMO Roads Rubble 2.52km
3rd Carnivores 2.53km
4th Quinn + Tonik 2.65km
5th Baby Elephants 2.84km
6th Bushtracks 2.88km
7th of 9 4.96km in 5 hours 9 minutes
Leg no: 2
2.62 times the leg distance of 1.90km
at an average 1.0kmh
over 5 hours 9 minutes
955m minimum elevation
1,020m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 2.60km
2nd Mudhogs 3.26km
3rd Celtic Just Beer 3.38km
4th Bushtracks 3.43km
5th Dirt Herders 3.62km
6th Daisy & the Duchesses 3.74km