16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Pilatus - Liquid Moly  entered as Pilatus in the Elephant Charge 2013
Entered their 2nd charge in a white 1980 Pinzgaur 6x6 and completed 9 checkpoints in a competition distance of 36.36km raising $6,520 for conservation in Zambia.
  • Rhino Charge Trophy Spirit of the Charge
  • 2nd place for the shortest distance on tsetse line 2
  • 5th place for the shortest overall distance
  • 5th place for the shortest distance on the gauntlet
  • 7th place for the shortest net distance
  • 8th place for most money raised for conservation
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5th of 8 2.44km in 1 hour 29 minutes
Leg no: 1
1.34 times the leg distance of 1.82km
at an average 1.6kmh
over 1 hour 29 minutes
890m minimum elevation
955m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 2.26km
2nd Camel 2.30km
3rd Almost There 2.33km
4th As The Crow Flies 2.42km
5th Pilatus 2.44km
6th Amatheon 2.88km
1st of 7 2.61km in 1 hour 3 minutes
Leg no: 2
1.23 times the leg distance of 2.12km
at an average 2.5kmh
over 1 hour 3 minutes
851m minimum elevation
967m maximum elevation
1st Pilatus 2.61km
2nd Autoworld 3.00km
3rd Camel 3.08km
4th Portico 3.91km
5th As The Crow Flies 4.41km
6th Almost There 5.84km
2nd of 7 1.81km in 55 minutes
Leg no: 3
1.73 times the leg distance of 1.05km
at an average 2.0kmh
over 55 minutes
845m minimum elevation
912m maximum elevation
1st Camel 1.62km
2nd Pilatus 1.81km
3rd Mudhogs 2.39km
4th Portico 2.40km
5th Almost There 2.44km
6th Carnivores 3.59km
2nd of 6 4.14km in 1 hour 56 minutes
Leg no: 4
1.41 times the leg distance of 2.94km
at an average 2.1kmh
over 1 hour 56 minutes
874m minimum elevation
917m maximum elevation
1st Autoworld 4.05km
2nd Pilatus 4.14km
3rd Khal Amazi 4.32km
4th Chicken Run 4.39km
5th Mudhogs 4.43km
6th Almost There 5.87km
3rd of 5 1.65km in 44 minutes
Leg no: 5
8.75 times the leg distance of 189m
at an average 2.3kmh
over 44 minutes
880m minimum elevation
891m maximum elevation
1st Biking Baboons 320m
2nd Camel 703m
3rd Pilatus 1.65km
4th Carnivores 3.31km
5th Almost There 7.22km
2nd of 11 1.17km in 8 minutes
Leg no: 6
3.42 times the leg distance of 343m
at an average 8.7kmh
over 8 minutes
884m minimum elevation
902m maximum elevation
1st Khal Amazi 957m
2nd Pilatus 1.17km
3rd Carnivores 1.18km
4th Chicken Run 1.18km
5th Mudhogs 1.31km
6th Duchesses of Hazard 1.31km
3rd of 3 7.49km in 38 minutes
Leg no: 7
2.41 times the leg distance of 3.12km
at an average 12.0kmh
over 38 minutes
884m minimum elevation
954m maximum elevation
1st Carnivores 5.95km
2nd Almost There 6.96km
3rd Pilatus 7.49km
13th of 13 9.40km in 44 minutes
Leg no: 8
3.82 times the leg distance of 2.46km
at an average 12.9kmh
over 44 minutes
896m minimum elevation
960m maximum elevation
1st Sausage Tree 2.96km
2nd Khal Amazi 3.09km
3rd Autoworld 3.14km
4th Camel 3.36km
5th Biking Baboons 3.50km
6th Mudhogs 3.57km