16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Elephant Charge 2008 - Mitaba River

$2,000 was raised for 1 conservation organisations by 9 teams including $222 raised by The Pig and $222 raised by The Camel. The shortest net distance was 19.83km by The Camel.

7 teams completed the course with The Camel finishing in the shortest distance of 19.94km. The shortest possible straight line distance for completing the course was 14.10 km.

Country Choice Trophy
Shortest Net Distance
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Sausage Tree Trophy
Highest Sponsorship Raised
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Castle Fleming Trophy
Shortest Overall Distance
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Mark Terken Trophy
Shortest Gauntlet Distance
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Sanctuary Trophy
Shortest Distance on Tsetse Line 1
Khal Amazi Trophy
Shortest Distance on Tsetse Line 2
Dean Cup
Shortest Distance by a Bike Team
Shortest Net Distance by a Bike Team

Shortest Distance by a New Entry
Rhino Charge Trophy
Spirit of the Charge

Elephant Charge - Spirit of the Charge Trophy was awarded by the Kenya Rhino Charge to the Zambian Elephant Charge in recognition of Zambia having embraced the true spirit behind charging.

The $2,000 raised by the teams for the Elephant Charge 2008 supports conservation in Zambia through grants to the following organisations and projects: