16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Musekese Conservation
Musekese Conservation Map
Kafue National Park

Musekese Conservation Logo Musekese Conservation is a newly formed organization making resources available within an efficient field-based conservation programme. This is having an immediate impact on building effective capacity of Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife to control the illegal and unsustainable exploitation of Zambia’s wildlife heritage in and around the Kafue National Park.

Musekese Conservation has used funds provided by the Elephant Charge to finalize the newly built Anti-Poaching Base (APU), which will now house two teams of six anti-poaching officers from DNPW. A fantastic kitchen, “Café Elizabeth” with storeroom, an armory and an operations center have all been kitted out.

Musekese Conservation has been provided 6 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $83,600.

  • $4,831 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2023 - Conservation Education classes once a week in surrounding schools in chiefdoms, activities including CRB meetings, Village Action groups meetings, TV programs and Education presentations & sensatization, Tangila Trail Series team entry fee and transport and DSA's, develop community sports club.
  • $18,387 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2022 - Capex (container, laptops, vehicle), team training for Tangila Trail Series, information dissemination through posters, booklets and newsletters, conservation education
  • $19,091 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2021 - Funds go towards upgrading equipment and conditions for the effective conservation & anti poaching team - inlcuding purchase of quadbike and towards second deployment boat.
  • $13,150 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2020 - Capital equipment for upgrading patrol staff centre, radio sets & repeater, tractor slasher, camera
  • $15,175 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2019 - Conversion of a landcruiser for a fire fighting vehicle, patrol support
  • $12,967 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2018 - Equipping the patrol unit with uniforms, tents, radios, SMART devices & batteries