16 Years
2008 - 2024
Dust, sweat & gears
Mizu Eco Care
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Based in Lusaka

Mizu Eco Care Logo Mizu Eco Care Mizu Eco-Care is an non-profit environmental/conservation organisation established in 2019. Mizu Eco Care seeks to be a leading platform for mindset change and a paradigm shift towards environmental sustainability in Zambia. Its motto is, "Protecting the Environment and enriching Human Life through Agency".

Mizu Eco Care has been provided 1 grant by the Elephant Charge totalling $2,424.

  • $2,424 - Fuchs Elephant Charge 2021 - To support an environmental outreach programme and ecosystem restoration activity in Shiloto village in Kapete Area Chongwe District. This environmental outreach would look at how to reverse deforestation and poor farming practices which are leading to excess vegetation loss.